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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Tuesday, October 1, 2019


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This method of quitting dip, cold turkey -balls on the table, is the only approach you need to quit dipping, and ultimately the only one that works. None of us are special here. We all signed up looking for a solution to nicotine addiction, and we all found it. Couple things, stop "hoping" that this place can help you kick it, and get on board. There is no hope about it. You can do it if you follow a simple program.

Put your name on the Plebe Quit Scroll, and say “Day 1”. That is a promise not to use today. Keep your word. Come back tomorrow.
For the space in between, read the site, talk to some bros, answer some questions, get some advice, eat some seeds, go for a jog, and get some sleep.

Don't be a victim. All of the discomfort you feel while in nicotine withdrawal is your brain screaming for a substance that you are addicted to. Isn't that a scary thought? The minute you take out your last dip, you're on the way to getting the poison to be out of your system and you feeling more normal. What I mean by don't be a victim- don't just wallow in the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, feeling sorry for yourself… instead, kick ass. Go lift some weights. Tell someone here they are a fucking cocksucker. Start with the first guy to respond to your intro. Run around the block. Do some jumping jacks. DRINK WATER!  Drink water until your teeth are floating. The more water you drink, the faster this poison gets flushed out of your system. The more you sweat, the more water you will crave.

This fucking poison has been doing havoc on your body over the course of your addiction. Now's the time to free yourself, but not without putting in some work! As you begin to put some days between you and nicotine, start to re-wire your thinking towards tobacco. Once the initial rush of stopping starts to wear off, you don't want to start romancing tobacco. Think of it for what is really is.... a plant that' was stealing your money, health, and the time that  you could be spending with loved ones, and finally- stealing the time you have remaining on this earth. It's not your buddy and it's never made a damn thing better or easier.

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