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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Friday, October 25th, 2019


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You need to talk like a quitter to quit dipping. Words are powerful. Never allow weak shit to come out of your mouth, or in any post you put up on this site. Even if you might not believe you are as quit as fuck, start talking like it, because then you are.. Chewing tobacco is not a "crutch"". Chew will not make you feel better when you are angry. Dip wasn't doing anything for you during the times you were using it, except alleviating withdrawal from nicotine... using dip caused endorphins to be released, because dip controlled your brain chemistry, and therefore owned your ass. After quitting dip, your brain can be free to experience the world without worrying about getting that rush out of a can. Help your brain out by getting all the weakness out of your vocabulary and out of your life.

Nothing can cause failure here, except yourself. You're in complete control. Act like it. The first few days of quitting dipping fucking suck, no doubt. But they're unavoidable unless you just want dip to kill you. You know you have to quit... and when you quit nicotine, there will be withdrawal. Your body is addicted. Death, or nicotine withdrawal. We all chose withdrawal, and it passes. Looking back on those first couple days now, they were a minor blip on the radar, fleeting memories which will never be repeated. Freedom is yours for the taking, but only if you possess the marbles to stick it out, regardless of outside influences. Forget about "triggers" and excuses to use, there are none. Your family can put up with you being moody and acting like a dick for a few days. What they can't put up with is a loser dad whose face got cut off by an oral surgeon because he was a fucking pussy.

Put your promise on the Plebe Quit Scroll. Know what that means? You quit dipping today. Since you are not dipping today, don't waste time thinking about dip. Think about your lip healing, think about exercising, and focus on not being a bitch that is owned by a plant. Make sure that you want to win with every fiber in your body, and you will.


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