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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Wednesday, October 30th, 2019


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You're in the right spot to quit dipping for good, because there is no better place to learn how to quit dipping.  There is one tenet we all follow, and allowed us all to quit dipping:  Post scroll, don't dip ... repeat daily.  Post your daily promise on the scroll at the beginning of your day everyday. 

There are two parts to this website.  First is the serious, no nonsense portion - your pledge to quit chewing tobacco. This part of Quitting Dip is relentless, intense, and often unforgiving… but a daily promise is a method proven to work effectively to quit dipping.  The second part of this site is a juvenile frat house to which you become entitled to participate as a member of the community should you so choose.  Quitting chewing tobacco is the only portion that is necessary - you MUST log in everyday and make your promise to the rest of us that you will quit dipping that day.  Break that promise, or refuse to be held accountable, and you won't be here long.  The second part is gratuitous; feel free to ignore it.  But I can assure you that if you are engaged regularly with the baddest of the bad ass quitters on here, your nicotine quit will be stronger.

 There is ZERO tolerance for anything nicotine related.  That's the enemy, and it doesn't matter which form it is delivered.  We quit cold turkey, and there are no relapses here ... no second chances.  Make this your final quit.  YOU have the power to control this damn plant ... stop letting it control you, steal money out of your pocket and years from your life. I suggest you read everything on this site you can, and chime in here and there.  Build a web of accountability.  One of the cornerstones of a solid-ass quit is telling EVERYONE in your life you're quit for good ... and asking them to hold your feet to the fire.  An addict doesn't like to do that.  An addict knows that a proclamation of that magnitude removes the opportunity to go back.  Well, at least it removes the chances if you're a man who holds true to his promises.  So fess up to the wife, tell her you're in this quit balls-deep.  Shout the you have quit dipping from the rooftops. Make it humiliating to even think of turning back.  

The withdrawal is going to last 4 or 5 days. Sometimes it's very uncomfortable. But it's worse if you sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Get out and do something. Make those minutes that seem like hours productive. Discomfort passes. We all deal with discomfort in life. Think that chemo is like getting a blow job? It’s not. Don’t take my word, ask the dead guy that thought nicotine was a treat he allowed himself to have forever.


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