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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Tuesday, November 19th, 2019


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If you are looking for a quit dipping support group, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip.

Lots of people  come here with the wrong ideas about how to quit dipping, or they’re  quitting dip for the wrong reasons. But if you stick around long enough to get hammered into submission by people that know more than you, there's a part deep down that wants to quit dipping, and  not beholden to nicotine.  But special butterflies that come in here, drop their worthless excrement of nicotine love, and then disappear are much more difficult to support.  One must leave landmines of quitting wisdom here and there and hope one of these dipsticks runs over them.  It's a much less effective formula for molding quitters.

If you're too good for us, too smart and too cool for this quitting dip support group, that's awesome.  Peace out.  Start your own site to quit dipping where you make the rules. I hate to just give up on people, no matter how stubborn or hardheaded they may be. I too am an asshole to deal with. It took me a while to get to the realization that I was really cared for and wanted here, because of the way I came in to Quitting Dip. We don't require conformity.  The diversity of this place is what makes it wonderful.  Yes, we are all white-ass-cracker males, but we couldn't be a bigger band of misfits and beautifully different in every way.  Every way but one.

We are a tribe.  Bound together by a common affliction.  An insidious nicotine addiction that requires eternal and constant vigilance. Together we are unstoppable, unbreakable, and unbeatable. If there's one thing that I've managed to reconcile in my tiny little head, it's that quitting dip with a brotherhood of like minded motherfuckers makes my quit that much stronger.

You have to know what quit is before you can really quit dipping.  Anything less than full commitment is likely to lead to failure.  The selection of douchebags here are the 20% that get it done.  But there's no half ass quit, or "I don't need to be as committed" or "I want to be able to hookah to bang chicks."  There's no half ass option, in my opinion. There's no such thing as half ass cancer; there should be no half ass quit. 

I make a promise every morning to these guys that I will not use any form of tobacco for today. We will keep each other quit. One bad decision is all it takes & this place and these guys are my guard against it. It's only my promise for today and I'm only as good as my word. It's not a binding promise if I'm only making it to myself. It's been an important part of my day for almost 4 years now.


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