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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Friday, December 13th, 2019


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You gotta be quitting dip for yourself. Whenever someone mentions that another person is happy with their efforts it always raises a red flag with me. I ask myself whether this person is quitting dipping for themselves or someone else? Who owns your quit? Think about it. Quitting dipping for them never worked before, so don’t quit dip for them now. The good news is that by quitting for YOU, everyone else benefits by default.


Make a promise not to Dip today, and put your name on the scroll. Being on the scroll gives you a 100% chance of being quit today, versus low odds of  some other dude who also stops today, and just tries to gut through the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal on will power. What does it matter to him whether he has one later in the day, he can try again tomorrow, right? There’s no “try again tomorrows” when you’ve actually quit dipping. It’s final. This is it. Your only chance. The only chance you need though. To us, the daily promise MEANS fucking something.  We don't just jot it down as a way to count our days quit.  We're all in this fight together, and we back each other up with that daily promise.  Scroll is the FOUNDATION of all of our quits!  When a dude posts his promise, we expect it to be money in the bank. Now, if you’re on the scroll, you are going to keep your word, so dip is off the table. Stop jerking off to it. 


A number of us take the view that when you have actually quit dipping, it becomes permanent. I myself am quit forever, and I'm on scroll first thing every day. There is no conflict between being permanently done with nicotine, and still posting that you won't use nicotine every single day. “One Day At A Time” (ODAAT) is the right mentality for a newb who is struggling, but at a certain point a switch needs to be flipped. The switch between needing to promise to keep you quit, and posting your promise as a reminder or an affirmation of quit. The only variation is how to realize that “certain point".  For me, it was pretty damn quick ... even prior to 100 days.  But I'm a stubborn mofo, who REFUSES to let that shit back into my life again.  


I'm not saying that my life is a giant picnic of happiness, I'm just saying that there are no craves, and I know I am never going to have nicotine in my body again. Quitting dipping isn’t a cure-all for every problem in your life. But it sure helps. None of my current problems have anything to do with my addiction. They are completely separate. At some point nicotine became nothing more than a worthless attempt at coping with my other problems, in addition to being the root of many other problems. Nicotine has zero effect on my mood, health, finances, marriage, employment, socializing, etc. It's out of my life. On the other hand, being quit has a tremendous effect on my life, for the better. 

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