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Quitting Dip

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If you are looking for a support group to help quit dipping, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and going cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip.

I was walking with my wife through the Target parking lot the other day while we were buying shit for the house, and I got pretty pissed stepping over a dip pouch someone tossed on the ground. Spontaneously, I told my wife how  thankful I was to be going on four years since I quit dipping and not going on four additional years of lying and giving in to the addiction at every opportunity. This isn’t something we talk about often, or ever really, as it had been a sore spot in the past. “It” being my lying and “ninja dipping” for years.
I also discussed feeling embarrassed for needing to get reminders to post scroll twice this year. I think me admitting that to her made her “get it” even more. That I care about quitting dip because it affects my real life. How no matter the excuse for posting late, that excuse would not have kept me from ensuring I had enough cans for the day. It’s the nature of nicotine addiction. There was no “forgetting” to dip because of my responsibilities. There was no popping in the first dip of the day at 1:00 PM because of aberrations in my daily routine. If I was traveling somewhere where it was difficult to buy dip (like a cruise), I would have researched a contingency plan to ensure there was a way to use and avoid any gaps in addiction-feeding. Would I go through the same lengths to ensure I post my daily promise while camping in a rural area?  Yes. Yes, I would and I will. I am not going to allow myself to excuse or rationalize behavior that demeans and shits on Quit. Do you think you would have ever experienced complacency in your addiction?
It’s pretty simple here ... Get on the scroll today to say that you have quit dipping. That's the first step… post your promise at the beginning of your day, keep shit out of your lip.  Repeat. If you have any integrity, you’ll honor that promise. Soon you’ll be quit, permanently. You gotta own it this time. ZERO tolerance for all things nicotine here ... Addicts can’t have one. One is too many. Quit dipping like you mean it. I would suggest you read as much as you can on the site. Come here with questions, to rant, share, support and be supported. Discovering that you are addicted, and have to quit dipping, is actually one of the hardest parts. 

It's time to Quit Dipping. 

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't know that. People don't casually browse the internet for cures to an addiction that you don't have. You know you are addicted, whether you admit or not. You're not sure? Have you ever tried to quit before, and failed? How many times? Have you ever tried nicotine replacement therapies, but found that you are still craving, irritable, and miserable? Ever pulled your patch off so you can have a real one, "when you really needed it"? Ever had a girlfriend or wife lay down the law, "it's me or the dip"? And, of course you chose her. But not really, so you had to take your dipping underground for a while? Ever thrown a tin out of a window, only to find yourself looking through the bushes later? Digging through dumpsters? I could go on and on. Yeah, you're in the right place. 

No matter what strategy you have employed in the past, we both know it hasn’t worked. This place will. The excuses you have used in the past won’t work here. The temporary withdrawal symptoms of quitting dipping are not going to kill you.  We know, because we all survived them. No, you're not more addicted than we were. No, we don't care what brand you used to chew. Yes, you can actually function at work and home without your “crutch” to make you “more relaxed”. Your life will improve dramatically once you quit dipping. You might remember stopping for a few weeks, and you have an idea that it was hell 'because you had quit'. It was hell because you didn’t know how to quit until now.  We’ll change your mindset, and we will lay out the timeline of quitting nicotine. The only thing that you need to do to succeed in a 100% effective method of quitting dipping is to show up here every day, listen to the advice of the members, and follow the only two rules we have here....

Post your promise not to dip every morning, and keep your word. 

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