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My quit journey is not special.  I knew I needed to quit from the day I took my first dip.  What I lacked was the desire to quit dipping and the tools to see the process through.  What I didn’t realize in my prior stops is that you can't quit dipping by yourself.  I found this site and began to read all that I could.  I realized that the mindset, the brotherhood, and the no nonsense approach to quitting nicotine offered by this community is exactly what I needed.  I joined, quit dipping, and immersed myself in knowledge... reading intro after intro of the successful, reading inspirational Centurion Speeches, and reading the graveyard section containing the failures.  Patterns emerged.  The formula is simple and clear…brotherhood and accountability = quit. 

Take the time to form relationships on this site.  It easy to find quitters with similar interests, jobs and stories.  It is easy to identify the ones who give a shit…just look at your own intro.  Support new guys, especially when you are newish yourself, since you will have a fresh perspective on the nicotine withdrawal and mental hurdles which need to be broken down.  From those who don't know any better, I see the argument that dip and nicotine help with stress (I made this argument as well).  Nope, dip is the stress…the worry of having a can, a spitter, the spills, the mouth pain, the dentist, the higher insurance, the spitting on the ground, the shame, the disgusted looks, the stains…cancer.  For me, it took 10 days to clear physical withdrawals of dipping and begin to feel the benefits. That's apparently longer than most.  During this time, I read, read and read some more.  Don’t do it alone, it doesn’t work. And don’t be afraid to post.  Take all you can from the site, and give back.           

Nicotine is a selfish addiction.  It takes money from your pocket, time from your family and years off your life.  I made the choice to start and to continue to use nicotine.  I made the choice to quit.  I am no longer selfish.  I am Quit.

If you are looking for a quit dipping support group, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The above was written by a member of Quitting Dip.

If you are ready to quit, go to today's Quit Scroll and post your name and Day 1. Look for messages on the scroll or in your inbox from other dudes who have done this already. Or start an intro, and you can have a centralized place for people to welcome you, offer some advice, or kick your ass when you need it. If you think you are not ready to quit, what are you waiting for?

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