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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip Blog, Wednesday, December 9th, 2020


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Before quitting dip, I dipped for 20+ years and by the end was completely controlled by nicotine, desperately looking for a way to quit dipping.  I stumbled upon this place called Quitting Dip and found that making a promise 1st thing every day (a promise that I wasn't going to dip) ... was, and still is, the only way I would be able to quit chewing tobacco. Take the option to dip off the table every day with your word. Then keep your word, and repeat.
Do you think you can’t get through the routines of life if you quit dipping? Yeah, we all used to dip after every meal. I used to dip every time I shit too. I convinced myself I couldn't shit without it. Having a meal or needing to shit without a can in my pocket would induce panic. Guess what? Now that I have quit dipping, I can still eat and take a dump. I haven't chewed after a meal in years, and I have shit at least once a day every day for years, without dip. Today I enjoy my meals much more; now that I am not racing through my meals to get to my dip, and I can shit much more easily now that I am not shitting three or four times a day because of the laxative I was putting in my lip all day. Or maybe it wasn’t a laxative at all. Maybe I was just forcing myself to shit that often because it gave me an excuse to sit on the toilet and dip in private. 
Life is much better when you are not a slave. Let go of all of that old nonsense and embrace the system here…Post your number, learn how to speak and live Quit, build a hatred for that controlling poison. You will honestly have to “learn” how to do some things without dip, and you’ll be very worried that they’re not possible without dip. Even an active addict like yourself has to realize that that notion is simultaneously absurd, and terrifying. Absurd because…. Of course you can take a shit without nicotine. Terrifying because… until you actually quit dipping, you will be convinced that you can’t do certain activities without it… that’s the level of control that nicotine has over you right now. 
You have realized that treating an addiction to dip like it's just a bad habit doesn't work. To quit dipping you have to treat the addiction like an addiction. You know you have to quit, but you don't yet know that you can live every day without it. That is what it means to truly quit dipping. In time we'll teach you everything you need to know to be able to say with 100% certainty that you will never again use nicotine in any form...ever again. Today, brand new dudes should focus on posting a day 1 on scroll, and then kicking ass for the rest of the day, then repeat.

The above was written by a member of Quitting Dip. If you are looking for a support group, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey.

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