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  1. McDeere 1882 - Jessie James and Morgan Earp killed, Kurt Russell is pissed; Rockefeller forms Standard Oil monopoly; polygamy abolished; Edison creates first power station and first string of christmas lights.
  2. McDeere 1881 - Bell and Edison form phone company; Barnum and Bailey open the Greatest Show on Earth; Garfield assasinated; Billy the Kid shot and killed; gunfight at the OK Corral. Seems America had a lot of gun violence then.
  3. McDeere 1880 - Chicago White Stockings win pennant; Garfield elected President; first electric streetlight in Wabash; census comes back at 50 million; USC opens, children of celebrities rejoice.
  4. McDeere 1879 - Woolworths opens in Utica NY; Doc Holliday kills his first man after the guy shoots up his saloon; Edison tests light bulb; First Madison Square Garden named after the author of the Constitution and opens; Mary Baker Eddy founds Church of Christ, Scientist.
  5. McDeere 1878 - boring ass year, Va Tech founded; first high wheel bicycle manufactured.
  6. McDeere 1877 - First telephone line installed between Somerville and Boston; First Westminster Dog Show; Billy the Kid kills his first man; Edison invents phonograph; first college lacrosse game, douchebags rejoice.
  7. McDeere 1876 - Hayes beats Tilden 185 to 184 after compromise to end Reconstruction; Alexander Graham Bell makes first successful telephone call; Wyatt Earp becomes a Marshal; first transcontinental rail trip arrives in SF; Little Big Horn; Wild Bill Hickok killed in poker game in Deadwood, not fed to the pigs; Texas A&M founded, shitty quit finds a safe haven and breeding ground; First marketing of Budweiser. Big year
  8. McDeere 1875 - Civil Rights Act passes, first restrictions on immigration passed by Congress, no wall.
  9. Project blue book is interesting.
  10. McDeere 1874 - NYC annexes the Bronx, has immediate regrets; Levi and Strauss start selling blue jeans.
  11. McDeere'd - 1873: First Preakness run, PT Barnum starts his circus, Panic of 1873
  12. McDeere 1872 - first patent; the Met opens; Yellowstone becomes first national park.
  13. McDeere 1871 - First MLB game played; The Great Chicago fire; NRA formed in NY.
  14. McDeere 1870 - Rockefeller incorporates Standard Oil; 15th Amendment ratified; Congress creates Department of Justice and Federal Holidays.
  15. McDeere 1869 - no internet issues just trial and late post. Once I miss early, can't get on.
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