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  1. McDeere 1824 - Andrew Jackson wins, but does not get majority of total vote, so choice goes to House; RPI founded as first tech university.
  2. McDeere 1823 - Monroe Doctrine, where Monroe earns his stripes by telling everyone to get the fuck out.
  3. Mitch McDeere

    01-18-2019 Centurion and Legionnaire Quit Scroll

    McDeere 1822 - Fleet sent to Carribean to eradicate piracy. GARRRR!
  4. McDeere 1821 - Missouri becomes 24th state.
  5. McDeere 1820 - as part of his effort to eliminate political parties and appoint from the dying federalists (the Era of Good Feelings), Monroe wins virtually unopposed. His own party develops factions and becomes incapable of agreeing on anything. Whole country votes the same, can't agree on shit. Madison 1, Monroe 0. Well, actually Madison was far ahead at this point. Missouri Compromise makes Maine and Missouri states and totally dooms Era of Good Feelings.
  6. 1819 McDeere - US acquires Florida, has immediate regrets; Supreme Court holds US Bank constitutional.
  7. McDeere 1818 - Congress adopts flag; Brooks Brothers opens first store.
  8. McDeere 1817- ground broken on the Erie Canal in Rome, NY; Mississippi becomes 20th state, attempts to give it back unsuccessful
  9. McDeere 1816 - Treaty of Saint Louis paves way for establishing Chicago; Monroe wins election to become 5th President after Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison. Jesus, look at those names.
  10. Mitch McDeere

    01-11-2019 Centurion and Legionnaire Quit Scroll

    McDeere 1815 - Battle of New Orleans, no stinking peace treaty is going to stop American from kicking ass.
  11. McDeere 1814 - Brits burn DC and bombard Baltimore while Francis Scott Key writes the Star Spangled Banner; Treaty of Ghent ends war.
  12. McDeere 1813 - win at Battle of Lake Erie.
  13. McDeere 1812 - Madison asks for and receives declaration of war on Great Britain; USS Constitution starts kicking ass, defeating HMS Gurriere, with shots bouncing off the hull, earning it the nickname Old Ironsides; Louisiana becomes a state.
  14. McDeere 1811 - Battle of Tippecanoe
  15. McDeere 1810 - The society in Dedham for the apprehension of horse thieves formed. Evidently, 1810 was boring.