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  1. Quittin with the plebes - hammydon 820n/455a
  2. I like the musical selections mentioned in this thread, love me some heavy metal. In fact, Mondays are dedicated to heavy metal in my household: turns out our 62 year old Polish cleaning lady loves heavy metal too, fuckin hilarious. To change it up a little I'm sharing a video I filmed featuring Zachariah Schmidt. I've mentored him since he was very little. In high school he became my piano student (my only student) where I prepared him in advanced piano, and he is now pursuing a degree in piano at Georgia State in Atlanta (my home state!). He's a huge Dave Matthews fan, so he's covering one of his songs, with me on the piano. He's got trained classical piano chops, but his vocal chops are all his own, cultivated by himself, fucking talented kid. I filmed it with two Canon cameras, and a simple binaural mic, put it together in Final Cut. You just wouldn't believe what this kid has been through, and what he has faced in order to become a healthy young adult: brave kid and I'm super proud of him. Sharing some goodness tonight: https://vimeo.com/135758063
  3. hammydon 810n/445a Thanks for the alerts guys, FARK!!
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