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  1. There's three thing you can do... 1. go to your settings on whatever platform you're using (netflix, prime, etc);and lower the playback quality to the lowest ( from 4k to SD or whatever). That cuts data usage by 90%. 2. You can also grab a tablet/phone and que up 20 episodes you want to watch, and then download them at work. Then take them home and watch. If your tv is new enough you can watch the tablet/phone on the big tv via bluetooth. 3. Watch your trail cams and stay out of the tv thread.
  2. when data is unlimited, there is no "data"
  3. I was talking about my cell phone.
  4. Get internet at home dumdum. I just got an unlimited plan with 100 mb ps hotspot for $100 a month.
  5. @Djsoberandfree get an avatar dude Lip 2265
  6. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    Haven't seen it. Is that code for doxxing losers?
  7. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    I thought it went pretty downhill after peaking 6.75 episodes in, all of which were a cascading volcanic explosion of "hoollleee shit, what???" and then credits were like 3 minutes later, and it brought me right back. Tiger sees man.
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