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  1. Looks like he's a little slower than Vick, but better at passing. His career will be over in a couple years from all the hits.
  2. Your coaches didn't move you around by the facemask when you're in the wrong position and whack you with clipboards?
  3. Wait, for what? Grabbing his facemask? Are we this fucking fragile now? That dude gets punched in every pile, and his facemask gets pulled harder than that 10 times a game. He's also heard the f word before. So has my five year old.
  4. Sarcasm is the lazy man's irony. -Big Katoola. *
  5. I'll bet you the guy has a brain that looks like scrambled eggs, and can't tie his own shoes in 5 years.
  6. Lipi

    Plebe Pen

    It's not shit talking, you simpleton. We were trying to help him. If you're not taking everything to heart, time to bounce.
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