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  1. Lipi


    Yeah, I just read this again. It's a beauty. If you're reading this as a guest, there are over a hundred more like it in the Graveyard. You can learn from them when you sign up. But it's much easier to learn from the dudes who aren't in the Graveyard, by starting your own intro.
  2. Lipi


    Imagine having the opportunity to be free, and leave all your fears behind, but being too much of a pussy to accept the gift we were giving.
  3. Lipi


    MTpreCaver, You can still turn this around by posting scroll and unfucking your kavemart mentality, but otherwise, kudos to @25yd
  4. Lipi


    Our wish was to have you get quit. If you think anyone here is embarrassed about anything in this thread, I'll look forward to putting it in the support center for guests to read. You can look at it whenever your white knuckles are failing
  5. Lipi


    Best part is pretending the site doesn't work on a phone. Hilarious. Not hilarious- you're not hearing a word anyone is saying. The selective hearing needs to stop. You're a horrendous butterfly, but we can fix that. Not going to bother if you don't care to get better. This is a true story.... You're the dumbest person who has been here in years.
  6. Lipi


    What was QD like? "Very strange. Right away they made a big deal out of my totem that worships nicotine" What???? Your Kodiak empty? It's fucking BAQ to have that where you can see it. Maybe they thought it was full? "No dude, I explained my name. MT CAN 4EVER!!!. " Dude, that shit tells the nic bitch you're in charge! Didn't they respect your 450 days of ODAAT??? "Nada. Oh yeah, two assholes suggested I change my name." What did you do? "Ignored them" Hahhahahaha. How's the friction level? "Could you use more coco butter, I'm chaffing a bit,
  7. Lipi


    We have a category specifically for kavemart guys who don't get with the program and only post scroll... just limits your access a little further. You're a cunt hair away in my book.
  8. Lipi


    He'll ignore your question in a bit, when he's passing through tomorrow.
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