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  1. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    I watched euphoria real quick before my HBo lapsed. First 24 minutes, where women were obviously writing about the modern experience of young women, was enthralling and disturbing. I turned it off when women started writing men. Edit- or maybe it's all written by men, but they're gay. Not there's anything wrong with that.
  2. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    Which show? I heard Euphoria is all schlongs.
  3. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    I've got to finish Chernobyl tonight. Haven't listened to the podcast. I thought the show was good, not great. I heard some technical criticisms of it easily, and part of it might have died. .
  4. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    After 1-2 year HBO hiatus I came back via Amazon, and watched all of (in order of worth) GoT, Veep, Silicon Valley, True Detective (1), Succession, Barry, Chernobyl. Worth it, dumped it. Couldn't get into the rest. Started Hulu tonight. Excited for Catch -22, rave review from like minded dude. Just a month or two at most, then a month of Netflix, then Disney. Can't wait for that shit for the kids.
  5. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    Start of the pilot of the gym this afternoon. The combination of James Franco, and that pimps hairdo might kill it for me. does the small town girl get naked in the first episode?
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