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  1. Lip 1916 glorious sleeping in children
  2. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    Sandra Oh is my anti Viagra.
  3. Lipi

    Plebe Pen

    Back to this post, as long as you're not looking for excuses to fail... Yeah, the fog sucks. I was a retard for about 2 months. Exercising every morning helps. You get endorphins. That's why you're foggy. Your brain is listless without the drug you've depended on to get it simulated endorphins. It will figure it out... give it a push, or wait it out.
  4. Lipi

    Plebe Pen

    I didn't make it all the way through the door like a cartoon, just knocked it off track. I actually gave zero fucks then and now. Had more important shit to do then worry about little things...
  5. Lipi

    Plebe Pen

    Got in my car early in my quit, drove out of my garage with the garage door closed. Thought I opened that shit. Guess what? I never made that mistake again, I didn't use it as an excuse to start chewing again, and every day was less foggy. Except those that weren't. What's the alternative to being foggy? Caving? So you can try this again after you have cancer, got divorced, have no teeth? Same fog, you'll just notice less because you're dealing with chemo, have no job, you have no friends, and your family is disgusted by you. You pick.
  6. Lipi

    Top TV Shows

    Negatory. What platform? Good? Bosch new season tomorrow on Amazon. Highest reco if you like cop shows.
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