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  1. I answered your questions. If you are trying to see me get pissed, this is definitely one topic that can do it.
  2. Thanks. I added it to the sign out thread.
  3. By the way this whole time thing you have is dumb as shit. I could just post before I go to bed at 3 am or whatever but I find that to be pointless.
  4. Sure it is Lipi. First thing when I wake up.
  5. I'm glad those "reporters" got kicked out. As long as they aren't topless or making me a sandwich, I don't care what they do or say.
  6. One can only hope. What's the over/under on rappers getting shot or shooting someone?
  7. I'd be open to a BMW. Was thinking about looking at one. Right now I'm kind of set on a HD but I'm still shopping.
  8. I already have my license and took that course when I was 18. My father made me.
  9. Going to go around to some dealers this weekend. I take a long time to buy vehicles. Think it took me about two years looking for an F150 before I found one that I liked enough to buy. I won't take that long on this but I know me and how picky I can be buying stuff like this.
  10. I figured a thread that didn't involve dicks or balls would be a nice change of pace
  11. Ya I'll be thinking of that one in the shower.....oh, you meant the motorcycle. I have some experience. It's been a while but I used to drive my fathers Softtail around when I was a teen. So I think I can handle a decent sized bike. No passengers please, unless it's a petite woman. Mainly around town and some mountain roads. I live in the SF Bay Area so I think pretty much all brands would have a dealer out here.
  12. I'm not man enough to handle one of these!
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