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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Friday, November 15, 2019


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All of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip.

I started Dipping and smoking around the age of 16. Most of my good buddies were doing it so it seemed like the social thing to do. My addiction grew in my college years and got to the point prior to my quit where the only time I didn't have a dip in my mouth seemed to be when I was sleeping or eating. Ultimately I got fed up with being controlled

Many of us open this door thinking that quitting dipping is about doing it for other people or external reasons; everything and everyone but ourselves. While many others in your life will benefit when you quit dipping, they will have no influence on a successful quit. The only one that truly cares about you and your addiction is you, and the addicts that quit dipping with you here. My wife was very happy when I quit, but 3 years later she pays my addiction to nicotine no mind (nor should she).I live my life normally now, free from nicotine 's grasp, but I quit dipping first thing at QD everyday. Quitting dipping works when you draw a line in the sand, and choose to get your life back.

This is your life and this is the time that you will succeed. We support you but we ain't gonna do it for you. You just have to get through today.  Take it hour by hour, minute by minute.  Withdrawals differ from addict to addict but 4 days is typical.  Once you get through today you can deal with tomorrow when it gets here.  Whenever you get a craving, just close your eyes and breathe, and it should pass.  I found that when my cravings hit, I would count to 30 out loud. Normally by the end of 10 it was gone. Everyone here has been in your shoes, and we have your back so long as your name is on the scroll and you honor your promise. The next few days won't be fun but you never have to do them again. 

There is nothing you'll face that will make you dip, which is to say--you're in complete control. Soon you will transition from romancing nicotine to hating nicotine.  All nicotine does is keep you using it.  I used to think that dipping was giving me something to do when I had nothing to do.  I bet we ALL used to think that if we were bored, throwing in a fatty would pass the time.  So, that there is pure addict speak, because when you think about it...is putting turd in your mouth and spitting really doing something? Like, are you really less bored?  It's just one of the chains of addiction we must break ...dipping out of boredom doesn't make you less bored. You’re just finding a way to rationalize your usage at that moment, an action spurned by the lizard brain that needs its chemical. But in every aspect of life, work, your time in the woods, your time in a boat… those are activities that you used to do with a dip in your mouth, and maybe you think that you can’t do them without one. You can. And it’s better.  Once you've quit dipping, all of those same things are just going to be things you do. Period. Any good vibes you have about you and your favorite can are all lies and addict speak.

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