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Quitting Dip

Quitting Dip on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019


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If you are looking for a support group to help quit dipping, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and going cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip.

Do you think you are going to "miss" dip, if you quit dipping? Do you feel like dip is your friend, a constant companion? A trusted buddy who is always there for you when you need it? That lucky charm which is always with you in the good times? 
That kind of thinking is poison when it’s time quit dipping. We call it dip “romancing”. In order to be successful, you have to change your whole mindset. It’s not that hard, because dip romancing is all a lie. Dip isn’t your friend. It’s a parasite. It wasn’t your companion, it was an anchor you were dragging along. It wasn’t there to help any needs... except getting rid of the withdrawal symptoms it’s absence was causing in the first place.. It didn’t make the good times, the good times were in spite of it. 
How can you control romancing the can after you have quit dipping? Slap yourself across the face every time you think like that, if you need to. No bullshit. That will get real tired, real fast. Another members talks about dropping down and doing 10 pushups every time he thought about having a dip after he quit dipping. It's called negative reinforcement. It discourages weak thoughts. Other methods... a strong rubber band around your wrist. When you think about chew, you snap that rubber band so hard it hurts. I used to stop whatever I was doing and audibly say "Shut the fuck up". Some guys who have quit chewing tobacco recommended putting your balls in a drawer and slamming it shut. I never tried that one. 
But how can you spend time here, on a website that is all about how to quit dipping, without thinking about dipping? I am on this site all the time, and I never think about dipping. I think about quitting. They are different things. Guys who think about dipping act like they are missing out when they quit chewing tobacco, and they are going to fail. Guys who think about quitting think about the feelings that drove them to quit in the first place. Whether or not they know it, the biggest thing that drove people to find this place was a desire from freedom. Get the monkey off your back, and quit dipping. 



You might think that there are lots of ways to quit dipping, but there's not.  You are likely to be here after hundreds of aborted mini-attempts at quitting dipping. You can't quit dipping halfway. You also can't use nicotine replacement products. No vaping. No nicotine lozenges. No nicotine gum.  Why not? Because you can't quit nicotine by using a different form of nicotine. Why do you want to extend the length of time that you experience the withdrawal symptoms of quitting dipping anyway? Get it over with. Rip the band aid off. Put that shit in the rear view mirror.

When you are in the cycle of being desperate to quit dipping, but terrified of actually quitting, everything can seem overwhelming. Quitting dip is a lot easier than you think. It is all a mind game, and we know all the ways to win. If you are ready to quit, the best way to quit dipping cold turkey is to join this site, and start posting. 

Once you are a member you can start an introduction where you can tell the other members about yourself, or just get right to it and put your screen name and "Day 1" on the "Quit Scroll" with today's date. Just throw up a post somewhere, someone is going to see it, and help you learn how to quit dipping. You can also post below with questions or comments before you sign up. 

If you just about ready to pull the trigger but you're scared, stop being a pussy. There is a section in the support center full of posts encouraging guys like you to get in the game. We want to give you help to quit dipping, but you have to help yourself first. 

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