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Quitting Dip

Why TODAY is the best day to quit


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I thought about quitting most days when I dipped.  I said, "last one," to myself a thousand times when I pulled a big cat turd out of my stretched, torn-up lip.

Then within hours I'd be thinking, "I can't quit now because _______." Stress, work, hunting trip, long drive, movie, business trip, late night working, etc.

Finally I realized that I was just an excuse factory, there would NEVER be the "right time" to quit from my addiction's perspective...

Which means that TODAY is the best day to quit.

Quit today.  It's the best day ever to quit.  Not tomorrow, not next week, not on your birthday or after your kid is born or once you get through this next thing.


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Because of the fact that when I was dipping, I thought the only thing dip was ruining was my health, that is all I'm going to focus on. I'll find somewhere else to discuss how quitting dip improved every aspect of life. 

I was desperate to quit dipping. I know it was going to kill me. But I was never ready, I always needed to dip one more day. I guess that strange dichotomy is what nicotine addiction is all about. 

So how do you decide which day is the right day to start quitting dip? For me it was just a matter of reasoning some things out. 

1. There are only two possible outcomes when you are addicted to chewing tobacco. You either quit or you dip right up until you die. I knew that I did not want to die from cancer. (Do you?) So, quitting dip is either inevitable or I am going to die from cancer. I don't want to die, so quitting dip is inevitable.

2. For an addict like I was,(and you are), there is never a good day to quit dipping.

Work is too hard without it. How can you concentrate on work without it. So I can't quit unless I'm on vacation. Quitting while on vacation will ruin my vacation. I can't take a shit without dip. How can I live without taking a shit? I'm such an asshole to my family when I'm having nicotine withdrawal symptoms, I can't do that to family right now. Etc.

If there is never a good day to quit dipping when you are addicted, then every day is equally bad. If every day is equally bad, they are all the same. Therefore, there is also never a bad day to quit dipping. 

3. Every day you dip, you are more likely to get cancer from it. Therefore, every day counts. The sooner you quit, the better. 

When you add those up, the best day to quit is today. It's a very simple argument, and probably one that you've either had with yourself before, or just agreed with now. So ask yourself why you haven't decided to quit yet. Then do it. 

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Please fill in your quit date here.

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