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Quitting Dip

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If you are looking for a support group to help quit dipping, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and going cold turkey. The following was written recently by a member of Quitting Dip. 

“Quit” is an attitude change that won't take long to manifest itself - after you quit dipping and prove to yourself that you’ve got the balls to make it through the discomfort of some withdrawals without running back to the “one pinch at a time” cancer addiction.

This is the time and the place that you will succeed and quit dipping. We support you but we cant do it for you. I never intend to go through what you are going through again and I won't. You won't have to either.
Man I'm going through some shit at work so...
Going through a divorce so...
Going through a custody battle because I want to move so...
Finally get to move and I'm going through the stress of buying and selling a house so...
So fuck nicotine! And fuck anyone who thinks that their life circumstances are an excuse for dip or any other addiction. Handle your shit and stop being a pussy. Life happens and it ain't so bad (even the low points) when you're not busy feeling sorry for yourself and blaming everyone and everything else for your problems.


And the only method for quitting dipping that any of us have ever found to work is quitting cold turkey, with the help of other quitters. The method that we use here. If you found Quitting Dip, you’ve been struggling with nicotine for a long time. You have probably tried to quit. Perhaps you’ve even admitted to yourself that you are addicted to chewing tobacco. 

No matter what strategy you have employed in the past, we both know it hasn’t worked. Otherwise, you would be quit, like the rest of us. The excuses you have used in the past won’t work here. The temporary withdrawal symptoms of quitting dipping are not going to kill you. You can actually function at work and home without your “crutch” to make you “more relaxed”. Your life will improve dramatically once you quit dipping. You might remember stopping for a few weeks, and you have an idea that it was hell 'because you had quit'. It was hell because you didn’t know how to quit until now. 

We’ll change your mindset, and we will lay out the timeline of quitting nicotine. The only thing that you need to do to participate in a 100% effective method of quitting dipping is to show up here every day, follow the advice of the members, and follow the only two rules we have here....

Post your promise not to dip every morning, and keep your word. 

If you are ready to quit dipping, post up on the Plebe Scroll. 

Otherwise, visit the support center, or read some speeches

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Maybe you wound up here because you want to quit dipping.  Maybe you’ve tried the gum, patches or lozenges but kept dipping.  Whether you’re scared because you noticed a white spot on your lip or you have a life insurance test coming up, you know nicotine in your life is detestable.

We have a saying around here; people have problems and use nicotine, or people have problems and are quit.  Whether you are studying for a test, writing papers or going through a divorce nicotine is not your friend.

Since you are here why not read as much as you can and decide if today will be the day you quit using nicotine.  We are cold turkey and hard core.  We all have gone through this and are all quit.  Some are quit a week, or a month or years quit.  Doesn’t matter, just have to sign up and put your day 1 on the Plebe scroll.  We all are on here everyday 1st thing in the morning.  If I had time to dip 5 minutes after I woke up I have time to promise this group of quitters too.  Your call.


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