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Quitting Dip

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When the Corona lockdown started, I bet a lot of you guys who haven’t quit dipping yet, [or who are new to the Quitting Dip community], were worried about running out of dip. I bet you hoarded dip.I bet you that you ordered more than you ever had before, perhaps bought a brand you didn’t “like” as much, because “What if I run out of the good stuff”?  I bet you felt sorry for the guys who couldn’t find any dip, but told yourself you would quit as soon as you ran out…. Only to ensure you never ran out, because you would make special trips out just to go to the convenience store to load up. Sure, you told your wife you were looking for paper towels, but you knew they wouldn’t be there. 

How do I know all that shit? Because I used to be a loser, just like you. My addiction to dip  had a central location in the middle of my brain, pushing buttons and pulling levers, and I was not only being controlled, I was so fucked in the head I didn’t even know I was being controlled. A couple times during this pandemic, around here there would be a mention of something to the effect of, “thank god I’m not worried about stocking up on dip right now”, or “can you imagine if you had to hide being a ninja dipper from your wife all day, every day, during this shit?” Well, I CAN imagine it. It would fucking suck. Did it suck for you? Is that why you’re here? 

Well, news flash, every day of being controlled by dip fucking sucks, you just didn’t notice it as much because you had more distractions. Sitting around in your house all day worrying about how long you can last before going back to your stash, what activity you can use to justify dipping, how much you have left, where you are going to get more… it’s exhausting. It’s pathetic. I can imagine all that because I make myself remember. Even years removed from dipping, I force myself to think of pussies like you. Because if I didn’t, I might forget that I was a pussy too. 

Now the good news….

When you quit dipping, all of that changes. You will wake up in the morning, and not give one fuck about chewing tobacco. You will never even consider using it. Sounds like bullshit, right? Because you’ve attempted to quit dipping before, right? What did you do, throw out half a can and say “that was my last one!” Then what, did you even have a plan? Were you going to hold your breath and not let it out until you got Quit magically? Because that is what trying to quit is before you know how to do it. Maybe you used some other form of nicotine like nicorette gum, and pretended you weren’t just getting a fix off of it? Those weren’t plans to quit, just ways to stop--- until you gave yourself permission to use again. And you will always give yourself permission... until you understand the truth about quitting dipping. You don’t want chewing tobacco, you don’t love the taste, it doesn’t feel good. You are addicted to it, pure and simple, and everything else is a smoke screen… lies that big tobacco and your own brain create to keep you from realizing the truth. Once you do see the truth, and you see what you’ve done with all the time and energy wasted on dipping, you can develop the hatred that we have for it. The mindset change is what makes quitting dipping easy for our members. We will help you get there.

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