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Quitting Dip

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Once I realized that this method of quitting dip was gonna work, where no others had, the next thing I did was start telling the people in my life that I had quit dipping, in order to kill that sneaky addict  who had become my identity for over 30 years. Your willingness to shine a light on your addiction outside of this forum is a strong indication that you are actually quit. I told people that previously had no idea I even dipped, and I worked with them every day for years. Sneaky bastard with a dip on one side and some extra strength gum on the other. I let nicotine own me. 

You need to take the time to get to know people here, and let them get a chance to know you. That is half of the entire left side of the equation A + B = Q. (Accountability + Brotherhood = Quit). Without the brotherhood, there is no accountability. Without either, you are on your own. In the past, we have constantly let ourselves down when it comes to our addiction to nicotine. And everyone here would again, eventually, without the accountability. It shouldn't be long before you realize that you don't need multiple layers of safeguards. It's simple- integrity. Look it up if you aren't clear on what that is. Grab a hold of yours and this shit is a no-brainer. This place isn't about resets, so do not put that shit in your mouth for any reason. You are quit. Not trying to quit. Quit. 

From day one we preach you quit for yourself.  No one causes us to cave.  We each make and own the decision to keep or break our promise each day.  Flush that worn out excuse book. Its time to own it. Relationship, job, health or whatever life stress hits us is just life, and has nothing to do with being quit.  You don't get back at a shitty job, a nagging spouse, or a disease by shoving shit in your mouth.  You win against those things by being the best you can be in spite of those things.  You win by being a man of your word who can respect the man looking back at him in the mirror.  What do you see in that mirror?  What are you going to do about it?

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