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Maybe you’ve already done enough reading around the site to know that your story is not unique, and that your addiction doesn't seem out of place with what we all used to do, before we got help to quit dipping. Or maybe this is your first visit to Quitting Dip. 
There was hardly any moment of any day where I wasn't getting my fix. Every waking moment. No buzz, no reason to be doing it... other than scratching that never ending itch. Does that sound like something I was getting enjoyment out of? Or does it sound like someone totally fucking addicted who is letting a drug run every facet of life? Fuck that shit. Isn't it exhausting to worry about dipping all day? To worry about the consequences?
One of the biggest reasons I quit dipping was asking myself the question, “why are you doing this?” It’s a question I was unable to answer, while on the other hand,  I found it much easier to answer the question “why should you quit dipping?”. The reasons to quit dipping pile up pretty quickly…
Do you want to be in control of your own brain, rather than letting a weed control it?
Do you want to be free to do any activity without wondering if you will have enough dip to last through the day, or if you will even be able to chew there?
Do you enjoy your good health, or do you want to die from cancer?
Do you like falling asleep easily and waking up rested?
Do you like having extra pocket money?
Do you like not having to hide spit cans and brown teeth from your loved ones?
I could go on, but you get the point. Likely, you’ve reasoned all of these out in your mind before. You know that logically you shouldn’t continue chewing tobacco… but for some reason, you continue. Why? Why do you keeping doing this if you know there is literally no good reason to continue, and so many reasons to quit dipping? The answer is simple: you aren’t taking control of the decision. You’ve allowed the reasonable part of your brain to take a back seat, while the dumbass part of you drives the car. It’s time to take back the wheel. One of the most liberating moments I had was the moment when I decided to quit. I took a full can of dip, I dumped it in the toilet, and watched it all go down the drain. I would highly recommend this. You will be surprised at how hard it is to dump that can, but once you do a feeling of power and control will wash over you. After that, take it one day at a time for a while. Don’t think about being quit next month, or next year, think about being quit when you wake up tomorrow, and what an accomplishment that will be. Then think about making it to next week. Once you’re at next week, think about making it to the next month. Before you know it, you won’t even be thinking about dip.
Use this website as a tool to aid your quit. Post scroll in the Plebe Quit Scroll every morning. Get involved. Writing posts about how strong your quit is will strengthen your quit and resolve to keep your daily promise. You can do it, you can get rid of the addiction. Dump that can in the toilet, post scroll, and start the next chapter of your clean and free life.

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