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Quitting Dip

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Before I quit dipping, like everyone else, I was always worried about  where my dip was and how much I had left.  I had a database of every gas station that had [redacted brand name*] , and never went without it.  I eventually “wised up”, and started ordering two 5-can logs that I picked up every Monday.  So, I was dipping at least 10 tins a week, but would often have to pick up one or two to get me through the weekend. 

I really never said to myself that I am going to quit dipping someday.  I thought it was my identity, and I was in such denial, that I convinced myself that all of the health risks (e.g., cancer, hypertension, etc.) were  just propaganda and it would be extremely unlikely to ever happen to me.  In fact, I would jokingly tell friends and families that these warnings were just “old wives tales”.  I WAS SICK.  As an addict, I thought of dip as one of my only true friends.  I am a recovering alcoholic of 9 years, and I always thought of dip as the only release I had, since I no longer drank or smoked weed.  But like I said, I was dipping around the clock, so a dip never took the edge off or gave me a release anymore.  It was just something I had to do. It was a cure to nicotine withdrawal, which it caused, and nothing else. 

Fast forward to just before I quit dipping, I was diabetic and starting to have minor circulation issues.  Nothing major, but definitely a direct result of the nicotine.  I had lied to my doctor (and dentist) about using nicotine my whole life, but finally fessed up.  The doctor made it absolutely clear, that I was at way higher risk of hypertension, loss of circulation, etc. because I was diabetic and I absolutely had to quit dipping . 

For some reason, I finally had a moment of clarity and said “what the fuck am I doing with this shit?”  I at least had the ability to be honest and admit that I could never be someone who could have one dip a day, so I knew continuing to dip meant continuing with 10+ tins a week. 

I found this site looking for methods to quit dipping or nicotine cessation.  I knew quitting dip cold turkey was for me because I knew I’d never successfully quit doing nicotine replacement or slowly weening off.  I remember being extremely slammed at work, but had read enough in the guest sections to know  that no time was going to be a good time. So I decided that I was going to make this cold turkey quit memorable.  The day I quit dipping, I threw out a couple of tins, logged on to this GREAT site, and stayed QUIT ever since. 
Man, those first 3-4 days are pretty fucking brutal.  I knew they would be.  But, if I got through day 1, I had to get through day 2.  There was a lot of comfort knowing all the QUITTERS here went through what I did and lived to tell about it.  Shit, by day 3 sometimes I was in withdrawal so bad I thought I was hallucinating and could barely open an email, but since I got through days 1 and 2, I told myself I’d be a pussy piece of shit if I caved on day 3.  I kept with my mantra: “I am an ex-dipper who used to dip”.  Day 4 sucked, but it was easier than day 3.  By the next week, I was only having cravings during certain periods of the day.  One day, the cravings finally went away.  I think doing this cold turkey was psychologically the best way to do it, because I got to experience the pain of withdrawal to let me know how big of an addict I was. 

I can always reflect at how happy I am today that I am no longer a dipper.  But what I really reflect on is that how sad it was I was so addicted and in such denial (and SELFISH).  I am such a slob, that my desk drawer at work still has dip shavings in it because I never cleaned it out.  Serves as a reminder to constantly having stained pants, always needing a spitter, and spitting on my dick while taking a shit one time  (or two) because I didn’t have a spitter.  That’s all history..

The above was written by a member of Quitting Dip. If you are looking for a  support group, all of the members here quit dipping using the same process, through the accountability offered by this website, and quitting dipping cold turkey.

*Brand names were edited out of this when being reposted, because fuck all if we're going to advertise for some tobacco company. 

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