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First time here, need advice


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So I am 49 years old, been using tobacco in one form or other my entire life. Mom smoked when she was pregnant, we drove around in a hotbox car all day, had my first cig at 8 years old and did not cough. Started dipping bandits at 12, doing cope by 16. Let's just say I love nicotine. I am around 40 pounds overweight, and I had transitioned to mainly using Camel Snus. I had kept it secret from my kids, but left a can out and now I need to quit, got a 19 and 16 year year old boys and trying to be a good example. 

I have quit for over 3 years a couple of times, but been using for around a decade straight this time. I started my quit around 2 weeks ago, using [bullshit NRT product], grinds and smokey mountain. The [bullshit NRT product] is alright, but it does not last long and seems to deliver more nicotine than the snus did, makes me feel a bit strung out and edgy. The grinds are pretty harsh, give me some acid reflux and I feel like the extra caffiene in them is again making me edgy, though I like the flavor and the pouches themselves are satisfying in the ways the other things are not. 

Anyway, I was just looking for ideas or products to use. Cold Turkey is really not an option as the last time I tried that I ended up in the hospital. I am looking for products that can help me transition down off this without losing my shit. 

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3 hours ago, 3nnui said:

Cold Turkey is really not an option as the last time I tried that I ended up in the hospital.

Sounds like you've tried everything. Better just keep sucking on those tiny cancer tampons for the rest of your life.

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Bottom line is that we quit cold turkey here. We all lost our shit for a little while because nicotine is some evil shit. Yeah it sucks but you only have to do it one more time if you reread what you wrote above then take a look in the mirror. You dont wanna quit. You arent quitting for yourself. Cold turkey or otherwise.

In this place you will find a hardcore group of no bullshit quitters. We flushed the nicotine along with our toilet roll of excuses, grabbed our sacks, lived with the withdrawals until they were over and moved on with our lives.

There are no products left dude. Its time to quit being a sorry sneaky sack of shit and quit for yourself. Own it or continue to be owned by all the chemically polluted shit you listed above. You know Im right. Stop trying, cause your not, and fucking do it.

I might suggest these products after you quit cold turkey:

1. A pair of comfortable walking shoes to be a better example by giving a shit about yourself.

2. Drink less of the shit you shouldnt be and drink water. Buy it if you have to.

3. Healthier foods. Whatever is better than the shit you already eat.

If you spun up excuses for the above suggestions, well? What is it youd like to hear?

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Dude. It’s tough love here but the method works. Withdrawals aren’t great, but cancer is death. Your mindset needs to change to fucking HATE nicotine, not trying to find a replacement. 100% done is the only way. I can’t imagine what it could be, to quit and end up in the hospital. There is no medical diagnosis for quitting this toxic substance unless you are lacing with heroin.

Sounds like I quite possibly have bigger balls than you.

Quit today and never look back. You will find all the support you need here to be quit for life. I promise.

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15 hours ago, 3nnui said:

Let's just say I love nicotine.

What do you love about it? As soon as you start understanding that you are not doing it for pleasure but in order to avoid withdrawal due to a powerful addiction, you might stop sounding like an idiot. 

15 hours ago, 3nnui said:

Cold Turkey is really not an option as the last time I tried that I ended up in the hospital.

You're not special. Your addiction is not worse than anyone else's here. Cold Turkey is not dangerous. Cold Turkey is not impossible. It's actually quite simple. Decide to stop being a slave, start to act like you have control over yourself [even if you don't believe it yet, you do], quit, put your name on the scroll, listen to the dudes here. 

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Please fill in your quit date here.

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