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Quitting Dip


Guest Jordan herrmann

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17 hours ago, Guest Jordan herrmann said:

Tomorrow I start my big day!!!! Wish me luck fellers!!!! Cold turkey!!!!!!!

There's no "luck" involved when you find your marbles and decide to quit, for good.  See you on scroll today?

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1 minute ago, MILL said:

Same here. Dreading tomorrow 

Really? Dread? The only thing to dread about dip is cancer.

Freedom through Quitting is something to embrace. There will be a few uncomfortable weeks. It’s the price we all paid for being stupid enough to fucking put poison in our mouths.

Then, food starts tasting better, mouth’s heal, breath doesn’t smell like ass & you realize how fucking stupid it was to dread something as awesome as quit.

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Those thoughts of “I’m afraid to try to quit” is really a paper tiger.  I wasted decades being a pussy but in a very short time realized how easy quitting really is.  Once that poison is out of your body everything is better.  All we do is post our promise on the scroll and have integrity.  Once you get the ball rolling the days start stacking up.  Why not head over to the Plebe scroll and post up?

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Please fill in your quit date here.

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